Monday, December 5, 2011

I love READING blogs... WRITING one... not so much.... at least for now...

Welcome to my blog!  Strange for me to be writing a blog, when I have only been reading them for such a long time!  I am starting Fleur-De-Lis Design (my business name) blog to assist me in marketing a new business venture that I recently became involved in.  Since September, 2011,  I have been a mini stockist (now also known as a local retail partner) for the amazing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP).   Not to be confused with various commonly available chalkboard paints, this DIY paint has taken the blog world by storm since coming to America (from England) in the summer of 2010!  Boasting no prep requirements (sanding, priming, stripping), this paint (and the accompanying waxes which provide protection and further enhance the paint) has DIY'ers all over America (and beyond) taking a second look at that piece of furniture which they have long wished to give new life.  ASCP has given us confidence to apply the many varied techniques that can be used to achieve endless finishes with this easy to use paint,  limited only by the imagination of the artist! 

Not just for furniture, ASCP has been used on walls, furniture, cabinetry, accessories...  the list goes on.  If it's not moving, it's a fair target for Annie's paint!  Annie's product line is also expanding - we will see additional products available to us in the upcoming months  - but that's another post!

I represent ASCP locally at Grandiflora Home and Garden, 719 Grover Street, Lynden, WA  98264.  If you have not yet had an opportunity, I invite you to stop by and check out my display there.  I am doing my best to keep all of the products on our shelves:  28 paint colors, 2 waxes, 4 oz. paint sample jars, wax brushes, instructional books and more; we have seen the products practically flying out the door!  If there are certain items you need, please comment and I will do my best to get them in stock as soon as possible! 

In future posts, I will tell you all about the one and only Annie Sloan and her wonderful story of bringing this paint to the world....   I plan to bring you lots of "before and after" photos of projects done with Annie's paint/waxes - in order to share with you the versatility of this product...    I also will offer classes for you to be able to join me in a workshop setting for a few hours to learn about various techniques that Annie has shared with us to share with you all....  new techniques are being developed all the time, so with ASCP, we will never know it all!  For information on upcoming workshops, please sign up at Grandiflora (if you haven't already) or comment with your name and email address ....they will be starting in January....  I will email a flyer soon!

Best of all, I will (very SOON) have an opportunity for you to win some great Annie Sloan paint giveaways....  stay tuned...

Thank you for your support!  You will be amazed....   impressed....  in awe of....  this fabulous paint...  Come on in and get yours!



  1. Hey Miss Chris! :)
    So excited to see you here! Wishing you all the best in your new adventure as blogger and stockist....hoping this will help to spread the word about this fabulous paint, and show how great it is to work with. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!?
    Cheers to you!

  2. Chris -- Now that wasn't so bad, was it??? Remember, you can "borrow" content from the rest of us when you are in pinch! Please add my blog to you list of blogs to follow on your site here when you get to it...Thanks! Janet Roewe Piller, Iowa Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockist

  3. wishing you the best in this new adventure!!! I know you will be great and can't wait to see all the stuff your made!!!

  4. I have my 'after the holidays' project picked out and ready for ascp! Excited about your blog, welcome to my

  5. Yeah! I'm the first to follow you! I love following creative journeys and I'm sure yours is going to be full of excitement!

  6. Looks great Chris!! I've gotcha bookmarked in my favorites!!